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Caritas Organization and Seti Centre  
Caritas- Egypt

Caritas Egypt, affiliated to Caritas International, is an Egyptian non profit, non governmental organization established in 1967 and registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs ( no 1150/1967).Caritas works in cooperation with Governmental and non Governmental organizations as well as social and educational development foundations in order to fulfill it's mission which is Global Development of human- being , every human being without discriminating color , race or religion through: Formation , Rehabilitation , Awareness and Human right's support .

Seti Cente
Seti Center, a Sector of Caritas Egypt, was established in 1986 to contribute in confronting the problem of disability in Egypt. Seti Stands for Support, Education, Training for Inclusion SETI'S MISSION: Seti works on improving the Quality of Life of the Largest Possible number of persons with disability and their families especially those in urgent need. A community oriented and family based approach is adopted, through interaction between skills of existing organizations and resources present in the local community, at the lowest possible cost.

Why a Family & Community-Oriented approach?
Statistics indicated that among more than two million persons with disability, only few thousands have access to some sort of service, i.e. a percentage of 1% - 2% maximum.
The remaining 98%, representing all age groups, types & degrees of handicap are deprived from educational, recreational or rehabilitative programs of any sort, causing problems to hundreds of thousands of families.
Traditional solutions like the provision of trained manpower & the building of new centers cannot alone face the extent of the problem on a national level.
Even a tenfold expansion of available resources would not be sufficient to reach all those in need! Hence, SETI Center adopted a Family & Community Oriented Approach, which considers family & community members to be the main components of the rehabilitation & integration process for persons with disability.

SETI Fulfil's it's Mission through

Training of personnel working at institutions as well as those who desire to work in this field. This aims at promoting the already existing services and spreading the "community oriented approach".
- Preparing and testing rehabilitation models as well as family- based training and rehabilitation programs.
Community based rehabilitation projects that mobilize human and financial potentials available at local communities in order to provide services for persons with special needs in their own environment.
Supporting the community to adopt positive attitudes towards people with special needs and their rights.
Co-operation with governmental, non - governmental and international foundations and organizations to promote the services for persons with disability
Encouraging all initiatives and efforts done to improve the quality of life of these people.
Seti's projects and programs

In order to achieve seti's goal, according to its approach, seti established a number of services as pilot projects to be adopted & duplicated by other organizations, minimal fees are charged in order to fulfill caritas' objective of reaching the neediest of the needy It also runs training programs to modify society's attitude and to train personnel working in the field . Around 2500 persons benefit annually from seti's services; while more than 5000 persons attend community awareness programs

1. Family Rehabilitation
Guidance and Counseling are provided to families of persons with disability, referral to existing services or follow-up of home-based programs. Early Intervention unit trains children with disability from birth till age 4 & their families while Family Empowerment unit trains children with disability from age 4 till 12 ( their families) individually or in groups.
2. Vocational Rehabilitation
Aims at providing people with disabilities especially who are disadvantaged with at-home-services, bearing in mind keeping costs down thanks to the widespread support and funds.
3. Community Based Rehabilitation

Establishes small community rehabilitation programs, in poor districts and remote areas, whereby the above services are performed with the person with disability in his environment through trained family and community members.

4. Awareness & Training
Suitable training programs at different levels are arranged for educators, psychologists, social workers, parents volunteers, in order to improve their performance and help them adopt a family and community oriented approach. Technical support & advice are provided for researchers and centers wishing to establish services for persons with disability. Awareness programs are also organized for students, professionals and various sectors of society to help modify their attitudes towards persons with disability.
5. Inclusion
Aims at extending access to education for children with special needs in schools ,and kinder gardens and developing models for inclusive education from which children can benefit on the national level.
6. Resources & information
Provides resources, information, educational and training materials to different categories of people working with or related to disability such as :
Teachers, researchers, parents, specialists .etc.
through : issuing pamphlets, booklets and posters for awareness and training; producing training & educational films; registering and documenting the activities of the Center; establishing a library supplied with films & books concering disability; informing students and researchers of the most up-dated researches on disability and providing them with the appropriate counseling
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